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  1. Can you put me on your mailing list? I am moving to Kuwait in Sept . 2015 and I am an ally and parent of a trans person.

  2. We’re currently researching for our successful BBC Three documentary
    series, presented by Reggie Yates. In previous series he has spent
    time living with young people with diverse viewpoints and lifestyles
    in South Africa and Russia, with a view to understanding them
    better. For our third series, to be filmed here in the UK, we’re
    looking to explore attitudes towards homosexuality, and the battles some young people have with their families,
    friends, politicians and pastors because of their sexual

    I’d really like to speak to young people within the UK to hear their story.
    Here are my contact details below-
    0207 602 8163

    Kind regards,

  3. Hello,

    My name is Zak Hale. I am a 22-year-old, Gay, full-blooded Palestinian male; living in California, San Francisco. I have been openly gay for some years now. Of course, my parents, sisters, brother, uncles, aunts, and cousins do not know. The reason why I am writing this message is because, I do not feel like I have a sense of community. Meaning, I could be in a room with 100, 1000, or even 10,000 LGBTQQIA people and not feel connected or have a sense of community, because; how many full-blooded LGBTQQIA people are there, that are from Palestine, that grew up in a Muslim Palestinian family. I have only met two other queer Palestinian (one a trans-man (that is Palestinian, Japanese, Jewish and something else) and a Palestinian that grew up in a Christian Family home). Although they identify as Palestinian, it’s hard to find people or a group of people that are full-blooded-LGBTQQIA Palestinian. Is there; a group, social media network, or activists group that I could join? Where I can meet other LGBTQQIA Palestinians?


  4. Hi I’m looking for a group to join for social awareness of being Gay and Muslim which is very hard to do in a very cultural family I wish I could release my inner feelings but my family I don’t know how they would react so I don’t have any real outlet to speak to someone who understands me can you please add me to your weekly newsletter regarding new and upcoming events held in Canada ?

  5. I know you have excellent comments around the world. Can you please provide me with an email address whereby I can establish contact with Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL or whatever they call themselves. Thank you.

  6. I am Muslim and gay and would really appreciate anyone out there I can connect too. All my mates think I’m just a regular roadman but underneath it all I’ve been confused about my sexuality for years. It’s tough in my community to be open so anyone who could help would need to respect my privacy, I find it difficult to open up to this side of my desires.

  7. We are a group of students from Copenhagen Business School studying a bachelor degree in Cultural Studies. We have been looking at your page and find it very interesting and relevant in addition to our exam subject ‘attitudes towards LGBT within Islam’.

    To study this subject we would like to get in touch with LGBT Muslims and therefore we would kindly ask you if you have some contacts within this social group.

    We have a set of questions in this survey:
    Is there any possibility for you to publish this survey within the organization?

    We are also very interested in information about how the attitude towards LGBT muslims have developed over time.

    We are looking forward hearing from you and hope you can help us further in our exam project.

    Kind regards
    Andreas, Casper, Josephine, Benedicte & Ditte

  8. With love and respect from Sweden…….
    My name is Mikko, And i work voluntary with supporting LGBT asylum seeker. All of them having a struggle with feelings regarding there believe and that they are not loved because of the sexuality. Im trying at moment built up a network of information so i can help them change this self picture. I need some contacts that could help me with this and give me some advice about what the text in koran says and also other ways of helping them.

    Kind regards

    My work and private email;

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