The organizations in support of LGBT inclusion in the Muslim communities come in varies forms. In the West, where Muslim identity is important, these groups are generally “Muslim” identifying groups. In the Muslim World, where being a Muslim is assumed as the majority of the country is assumed to follow the Islamic faith, the issues tend to be country-specific.

The Inner Circle – Established in 1996 to deal with the issues surrounding sexuality in Muslim theology, The Inner Circle has since organized many conferences, published material, and created a community. It describes itself as “the longest standing, largest and most influential human rights organization in the world that deals with Islam, gender and sexual diversity from an Islamic theological perspective.” It’s led by Imam Muhsin Hendricks, who is the first openly gay imam in that country. To learn more, visit

Imaan – Since 1998, when a group of LGBT Muslim Londoners was brought together by an ad in a newspaper, Imaan had continuously remained a support group for individuals and families seeking to reconcile sexuality with faith. The group says their founding happened to “coincide with a coming-of-age of a particular generation of gay people from Muslim backgrounds born in this country that had witnessed the growth of a gay culture in England.” To learn more, visit 

Salaam Canada – Since 2000, Salaam Canada has held conferences, events, and has created a weekly prayer circle. Today, the organization functions in association with the “el-Tawhid Juma Circle Mosques,” part of mosques all over the country that welcome LGBT persons. El-Farouk Khaki, who in 1993 started another organization with the same name, leads it. To learn more, visit

British Muslims for Secular Democracy – In 2006, Nasreen Rehman and Yasmin Alibhai-Brown started this UK-based organization. Its current director, Tehmina Kazi, has written positively on the issues of Islam and homosexuality for the Guardiannewspaper, appeared on television, and has spoken at varies conferences. She sits on the board of the “Inclusive Mosque Initiative,” which seeks a safe space for Muslims to pray regardless of their sexuality or sectarian affiliations. To learn more, visit

Muslims for Progressive Values – In 2007, Ani Zonneveld and Pamela Taylor started this US-based non-profit organization. From day one, the organization had maintained close links with the LGBT community, and had made a principle for the protection and inclusion of LGBT people in the Muslim community. In 2011, it appointed Imam Daayiee Abdullah as its Director for their “LGBTQ Outreach Program.” Today it has chapters in Australia, Canada, France, Malaysia, and South Africa. To learn more, visit

There are currently varies LGBT organizations in the Muslim World, who serve a constituency that is predominantly Muslim. They include organizations in Indonesia (since the 1970s), Turkey, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco, Somalia, and Bosnia. For a list of those organizations will be coming soon.